Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are you different than other management consultants?
    We really are management coaches; we coach you through the entire process of creating goals to increase the value of your company. We help you establish a top level goal management team, we coach you and your team in effective goal-making practices, and we establish processes and systems that hold the GMT accountable for attaining the goals. We make ourselves available to you on an ongoing basis to respond to your needs at any time, while also keeping you focused on the most important issues in your firm, the Vital Few.
  • How often can I call on you?
    Our arrangement allows you to call us at anytime. We are always available to assist you.
  • Isn't this going to be even more work for me?
    Yes and no. In the initial stages of our engagement, we will be coaching you to make changes that will be necessary for the long-term prosperity of your business. You and the GMT will need to focus on these new issues, and this will require a commitment in time and attention. This process, however, can move as fast as you desire, so your commitment is the determinant of the time you will spend. In the longer term, you will be building a company that is less dependent upon your every action, and you will need to work less rather than more.
  • Describe how we will work together.
    We start by engaging you and the GMT in a strategic planning session that focuses on your vision for the firm (the company exists to serve you, you don't work to serve the company). Then we determine the goals of the firm and the basic strategies for attaining these goals. This information is the core of your business plan, which we will help you create over the coming weeks. Then, we will work will you on an ongong basis, coaching you and your GMT, to ensure that these goals are attained. This ongoing engagement is the real powerhouse of the process: we provide you with systems, coaching, and our active involvement so that the GMT is constantly focused on the attainment of the company goals.
  • Now, how can you help me exit from my business?
    (A question from an entrepreneur who wants to extricate himself from a successful business, but sees many obstacles, especially if family is involved.) It will take GoalMakers 2 to 3 years of coaching to structure and groom your company to market and sell or merge it for maximum value, and protect the existing employees in the process.
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