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This page exists so that you can revisit some of these core teachings and continue your learning journey beyond our live sessions.

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Organizational Leadership

Most managers never receive formal training, this program teaches the fundamentals of organizational leadership and people management to become a Master Manager.

Financial Management

Every business owner and employee should be able to interpret the financials. This program will help you understand directly how to grow your profits.

Fundamentals of the
ACF Business Academy

Here are the key takeaways of each section in the program:

Set Goals All The Time

  • Set a company-wide vision.
  • Learn how to create good goals.

  • Create goals for the company, departments & each employee.

Focus On The Process
Not a Plan

  • Measure current company state.
  • Replace the business plan.
  • Create strategies for a constant planning process.

Coach The Right People

  • How to build the right team.
  • Learn to identify natural abilities.
  • Create position descriptions for yourself and every employee.
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Serve The Right Customer

  • Identify your good customers.
  • Define your generic strategy.
  • Create a sales process & refine your operations processes.

Empower Your Entire 

  • Learn the life-cycle of a manager.
  • Build an empowerment culture.
  • Create an organization of 'Wide Boulevards, High Curbs'.

Do The Right Things Right

  • Learn the six tools to measure & manage goal achievement.
  • Create a system of management for your team.

Demystifying The Financials

  • Using a real-life case study we will:
  • Learn how to properly read the financial documents.
  • Further understand the benefits of accurate projections. 
  • Build out your own financial models of success.

Using The Financials

  • Dive deep into how to calculate the important financial ratios and set realistic goals for each of these ratios.
  • Understand the cash flows (in and out) of your business.
  • Calculate your break-even to inform every decision. 

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