A mini-MBA created
for the leaders of
independent agencies.

Accelerate your career by mastering the people management & business finance skills needed to grow and optimize your agency.
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It's like a mini-MBA, for insurance agencies.

Don't worry, after the 10-weeks, you will still have access to the eLearning for a full year!

Check out just a few of the successful agencies who have used the IA-MBA to train, empower, and elevate their teams!

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Within the program will be live sessions to network and learn in real-time with your cohort.
All live sessions will be held Thursdays 11:00 am - 12:30 pm CST













Can't make one of the live sessions? No worries, all are recorded for you to review later!

Self-Paced eLearning

This course will guide you through bite-sized, step-by-step methods that you can put into practice immediately.

Expert-Led Facilitations

Join bi-weekly facilitations allowing you to be coached in real-time by masters of the craft.

Professional Networking

Connect with leading agencies across the country to learn & share knowledge & resources.
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You can receive up to 16 continued education hours upon completion!

 Continuing Education Hours
In order to qualify for the full 16 hours you must pass the final exam as well as attend or review recordings of all live sessions. 

Upon completion you will email your certificate of graduation to your association's education director for CE approval

IA-MBA Testimonials

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Michelle O'Connor
O'Connor Insurance
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Chase Keller
Granite Insurance
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Don Stroud 
Hartsfield & Nash
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Landon Bentham
Callahan & Rice
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Meet the Creators & Facilitators

These will be your guides through both the self-paced and live learning sessions.

Carey Wallace

Agency Finances

Carey Wallace has worked with hundreds of independent insurance agencies helping them understand their agency’s value and turn that knowledge into an actionable plan for their future. Carey is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, CEPA and provides a variety of business consulting services through the company she founded, Agency Focus, LLC.

Jason Sabo

Agency Development

An experienced business consultant with a proven record of helping agencies improve their sales, operational & workforce, strategic, and financial management strategies. Jason works with agencies to help them grow and take their business to the next level with increased revenue, improved workflows and long-term strategic planning. 

John Cioffi

Organizational Management

Accomplished business coach, author, and speaker John Cioffi is the Chief Content Officer at GoalMakers. Cioffi has spent the last 30-years, coaching hundreds of clients to success and has made it his life mission to help helps businesses of all types and sizes understand the people management and organizational leadership needed to be successful.

Jeremy Wall

Lead Facilitator

Our IA-MBA lead facilitator has worked with hundreds of business owners and operators helping them more than understand the material, but implement to success within their business. Jeremy has founded, grown, and exited businesses and cannot wait to meet you and your agencies during the IA-MBA.

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$1,000 for 2

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We believe in our material, so much that we offer a money-back guarantee if you don't find value after the first two weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the IA-MBA for?

This program was built for everyone from the CEO to the sweeper, the more of your agency that understands these fundamentals, the better off you will be. However, if you want to start slow, we suggest that owners, managers, and the future leaders of your agency go through this program together as a unit for the most impactful outcomes. 

How many people from my agency should participate? 

Beyond being a great learning program the IA-MBA is an organizational alignment tool meaning that the more people who participate together, the better the impact you'll see when looking to implement these learnings.

What if I miss the live sessions?

While you will get the most out of joining them and participating in the conversation with both your peers and industry experts, if you can't make one do not worry! All sessions are recorded and uploaded into the eLearning to review later.

How long will I have access to the program?

Great question, while the IA-MBA runs in a synchronous timing with your peers after the 10-weeks you will retain access to the eLearning for a full calendar year after we wrap up.

How long will it take me?

Weekly you should expect about 2.5 hours per week, but self-paced learning is all up to your availability! 

Then bi-weekly we have 90-minute long live sessions with your peers and industry experts. 

Overall, you should expect anywhere from 20-40 hours over the 10-weeks. (Some learners spend much longer than this and some a little less, but it depends on where you are at in your professional journey)!

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