Do the Right Things Right

Master Managers know that they will be successful only if their teams are successful. 

This chapter will focus on how to measure and manage your success, in pursuit of your goals, at every level of your organization.
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Understand the Six Tools within the System of Management 

Track and Measure Goals.

Make Each of These Tools into Habits.

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Provide a System to Measure & Manage

 Organizational Success

A Sneak Peak of
Do the Right Things Right

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Here is what we will cover in Do the Right Things Right

The Benefits of a System of Managing.

We'll help you understand the GoalMakers system of management, a proven and highly effective means of engaging everyone in your firm to achieve your company goals.    

The Three C's of an Effective System of Managing.

An effective system of managing combines three key attributes: clarity, communication, and commitment.

The Six Tools.

There are six parts of the GoalMakers system of management. 

Goal Management Team (GMT) Meetings

The goal management team is a team of top managers focused on achieving goals. Meetings are held to define the company’s plans and goals, and to measure performance versus plan on a regular basis.

Team Resourcing

Team resourcing is a tool used when the person responsible for an action step, or some other specific activity, finds difficulty in accomplishing that activity. They need help and/or additional resources, which the team will provide to them.

Position Description

As we discussed in Coach the Right People, the importance of this tool is providing everyone with clarity on their goals and responsibilities. Two parts of the position description are especially useful to the management system: goals and authority.


One-on-ones are regular meetings, perhaps as frequent as weekly depending upon circumstances, where a manager meets with an individual employee to ensure that goals will be achieved. They should take no more than five to ten minutes, but they’re a very powerful, goal-focused tool.

Daily* Huddles

A daily huddle is an informal discussion between the manager and the team regarding the activities that will need to be completed in the upcoming period. Note that the daily huddle may not literally take place daily. Depending upon the nature of your organization, you might decide to have a huddle daily, weekly, or even monthly.

Reward Program

The reward program establishes a direct link between the company goals and the successful efforts of everyone in the company towards achieving those goals. When company goals, department goals, and individual goals are achieved, everyone involved receives a reward as a result of their collective success.

By the end of this section you will learn:

GMT Meeting

Team Resourcing

Position Description


Daily Huddles

Reward Program

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