Set Goals All the Time

Master Managers Focus on Goals.

Our experience has repeatedly shown that virtually everyone likes to have goals, and when your team has clear, correct goals, every day is focused on achieving them.

By the end of this section you will have:
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A clear and concise company-wide vision

Three company-wide goals for the year ahead

Established action steps, to accomplish goals

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Achieving your goals is the definition of 


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Set Goals All the Time

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Dive into a self-paced preview of the GoalMakers program, see the material and learner experience for yourself! 

Here is what we will cover in Set Goals All the Time

Understand the importance of a shared company-wide vision.

Using five simple pieces of a vision we want to build a vision for the organization, so that everyone is moving toward the same destination, together.

Learn about three types of goals that are most effective.

Many companies do not know what their goals should be, we break it down into three simple categories that, if achieved, will ensure the success of your business.

How individual & department goals help achieve our vision. 

Success at an individual level leads to the department success, and in turn helps us accomplish our company-wide goals, moving us one step closer to our vision.

Understand how Action Steps are the the building blocks in reaching your goals.

Many people often confuse goals with the process steps in completing a goal, we will articulate the action steps that help you achieve your goals. 

Have a clear understanding of the components that make up a 'good goal'.

There are six simple components that every good goal should cover, we will discuss those so that your goal setting process will always follow a clear & clean methodology.

Know how to prioritize between the Vital Few & Trivial Many.

We often are bombarded with too many things to prioritize, and can often get bogged down in the 'hamster wheel', we will define what are our Vital Few issues.

By the end of this section you will have:

A Company Vision

Three Company Goals

Department & Individual Goals

Action Steps for Individual Goals

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