Modern Training for
Master Managers

Put your teams through our 10-week, MBA-based, interactive hybrid business learning experience, all for a fraction of time & cost of a traditional MBA.
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GoalMakers designs, runs, and facilitates impactful programs to create Master Managers, through our executive leadership & business education. 

From the Fortune 500 to entrepreneurs, our programs are built to empower the leaders (and future leaders) of high-performing teams at companies globally. 

GoalMakers Master Manager program is a cohort-based, blended experience of live and self-paced learning.

Weeks of Cohort-Based
Management Program

Live Webinars

Hours of Business
Training Content

Avg. Cost of a University
MBA Credit-Hour 
GoalMakers Master Manager blends live video sessions with industry-specific subject matter experts in a 10-week eLearning experience. Learn and apply the essential management and financial teaching that you and your team need to know and grow â€” whether you're training a new manager or aligning an entire team. 

Empower yourself and team with the

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Below is an overview of the the GoalMakers learning experience,
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Set Goals All the Time

Craft a vision, your long-term goal 3-5 years from now and the North Star for your entire team. Learn what makes a 'good goal' and create company-wide, department-level, & individual goals that align with your vision.
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Focus on the Process,
Not a Plan

Get a baseline of your company's current status by collecting valuable information from the entire organization. Adopt an agile planning process to adapt in today’s ever-changing conditions.

Coach the Right People

Clearly define positions and create position descriptions for ourselves and key roles within your organization. Identify the right natural abilities and determine if your people are in the best place for success. 
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Serve the Right Customer

Identify your right customers, then determine how you find more of them. Build a sales process, streamline your operations processes, and foster a culture & strategies necessary to serve the right customer.

Empower Your Entire Team

Learn how managers empower their team members by establishing clear goals and allowing people to achieve those goals in their own way. Implement our empowerment system of “wide boulevards, high curbs”.
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Do the Right Things Right

Use six simple tools to measure and manage your company’s performance. Build your own System of Managing, provide clarity and purpose, steering team members to accomplish their individual and company goals. 

Demystifying the Financials

Understand how to read and use financial statements through our case study as real-world context. Learn how to use projections, inventory, accounts receivable, and cash flow to build stronger businesses. 
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Applying the Financials

Focus on elements that grow (or shrink) the bottom line, starting by calculating your own financial ratios and setting realistic goals. Understand how to use cash flows and break-even analysis in everyday decisions.

Valuable, proven, & affordable management training, built for your entire organization.

GoalMakers Master Manager offers teams a fundamental management & finance program, through cohort-based interactive business education and live facilitations from proven industry leaders. Achieving success in just 10-weeks and for less than the cost of a single credit-hour at an MBA program. 

Action-Oriented Blended
Learning Experience

  • Our programs are focused on action, pairing the learning with the tools & resources that you need to implement (or refine) these practices to immediately improve your business.

  • The programs have been developed by learning engineers, pedagogy experts, and seasoned curriculum creators to provide a superior learning experience that provides real-time actionable takeaways.

Synchronized Social Learning, Through Collaborative Cohorts

  • Our programs are synchronized, meaning there is a start and end time. This structure creates intimate, cohort-based programs connecting you with a group of your peers.

  • Centered around both live & digital collaboration, these synchronous cohorts enable social learning  creating group discussions & networking synergies. 

Facilitated Live Sessions
& Self-Paced eLearning

Every learner has different learning styles,
so we offer a hybrid program:

  • Facilitated: We facilitate the learning journey, through live digital sessions, providing accountability and community for all.

  • Self-Paced: Created to work around your full-time job, our self-paced eBooks, media, and resources provide an at-your-own-speed eLearning experience.  

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