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MHEDA has partnered with GoalMakers to bring you the foundations of a traditional MBA curriculum in the third year of the MHEDA Master Manager Program.

Learn, understand, and apply the best practices of organizational leadership and business finances with the knowledge and resources to immediately improve your business.

Designed for both existing and aspiring managers, this training will enhance your professional knowledge to help you and your team thrive.

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$795 per learner
Early-bird rate available until July 15
August 15
Program Kick-Off

MHEDA Master Manager is an interactive 10-week fully digital 'mini-MBA' for both the current & future leaders of the material handling industry to continue to grow in their careers and improve their businesses.

mheda master manager program

Countdown to our program kick-off!

What your peers have to say about the program:

"In my opinion, this program is the best course within MHEDA.

We implemented the entire program in real-time at our company, every strategy and principle, step by step and it has set up for the next year at our company to be successful."

Gerardo Padilla
Chief Executive Officer
SEIL Rentals
"In our industry, what we need to know is how to take care of the right customer, make profit, have goals, and make people accountable for what they do at their organizations, which the program checks all those boxes on. Thank you for helping push our company in the right direction with our goals!"
Mike Hudak
Director of Sales
Conveyor & Caster
“I learned a ton throughout the program, probably the most important was empowering your entire team and giving wide boulevards. Already told the chief of staff at the company to put more employees into the program!I got a ton of value from it."
Jesse Collins
Systems Department Manager
Alliance Material Handling
"This is a very valuable training program.

I plan to train all W.W. Cannon managers with this program.

Great mix of networking and live sessions. The material is spot on.
Greg Brown
W.W. Cannon
What's Included

Explore the MHEDA Master Manager Program

With over 20 hours of video, a private learning community, and an arsenal of templates, resources, and knowledge, it's one of the most comprehensive programs in the entire material handling industry.

When you join, you'll receive access for a year to:
  • 6+ hours of live facilitated expert coaching
  • 350+ learning modules within the self-paced eLearning
  • A cohort of your fellow business leaders to connect & network
  • Continued access for a full year after the 10-weeks
  • Downloadable companion worksheets & materials
  • 20 interactive tools to implement the learning 
  • Knowledge checks to build competency
  • A learner handbook to organize it all.
  • Additionally, MHEDA Master Manager participants will receive all three DSC (Distributor Statistical Comparison) Reports ($500 value!).
mheda master managermheda master manager

What makes this program different than any other?

The real key, is a blended learning experience -- pairing self-paced eLearning with live facilitated session to learn with you peers and from the experts themselves in real-time. 

Expert-Led Live Coaching Sessions

Beyond the eLearning we come together with a cohort of your peers for bi-weekly facilitations allowing you to be coached in real-time by masters of the craft.

Interactive Self-Paced eLearning

The program is designed to provide you with impactful knowledge & resources that will guide you, step-by-step to put into practice immediately.
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