Distance Learning and Co-Working Spaces in the COVID-19 World

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world in ways that may still be hard to grasp, especially as its effects continue to be apparent in different sectors. For co-working spaces, you may have felt the effects of the pandemic in how much harder it has become to find potential clients who may be interested in your services or in the struggle to keep the members you currently have.

Worldwide quarantine essentially puts a stop to your cosmic success prior to the pandemic, and while this may be disheartening, the co-working space is not entirely obsolete just yet. 
The distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and improved disease control measures affords you the opportunity to find your footing back in that industry. Of course, it's important for you to remember that safety should be prioritized above all else. That said, co-working spaces provide several benefits in the new normal. Prior to the pandemic, your space might have been essential in business learning initiatives. This article focuses on the purpose of the co-working space, and we bring distance learning to your attention. Distance learning offers an opportunity for your old and new members to take advantage of their time at home to better themselves.

For a co-working space, there are several ways that offering distance learning can benefit your members and attract more clients.
If you've been isolated or quarantined as a result of the pandemic, then you might understand the need of some people to explore the outside world at the risk of contracting the virus. Co-working spaces jump into this situation by providing a haven wherein people can come and enjoy an environment that is conducive to learning.

You will need to implement strict safety measures, but the beauty of distance learning is that you can send them the learning material, which minimizes their face-to-face contact with instructors and experts without sacrificing the quality of their education. In this regard, your role is simply to provide both the learning material and a safe environment wherein they can focus on improving themselves.
Perhaps the one danger of distance learning is that students are susceptible to distractions. This is a problem that co-working spaces can address.

If you've implemented the safety measures that inspire confidence in your members, then they can once again take advantage of your space to learn without distractions in the way they might have done so before the pandemic happened. While staying at home is still optimal, members who might still want the unique setting of the co-working space can do so without the distractions that they may find at home.
Another benefit of offering distance learning opportunities is that it adds value to your memberships. Much of the business world has recognized the benefits of implementing learning and development programs for their teams. The pandemic has only emphasized this as it offers employees more time to dedicate to their improvement.

As such, a co-working space that provides distance learning opportunities is one that might be more attractive than other spaces that has yet to adapt to the new normal. Best of all, it helps you keep your current members, thereby preventing profit and client loss.
Distance learning is perfect for offering a personalized experience that co-working spaces can take advantage of thanks to your connection with industry experts and mentors.

By using these connections, you can offer learning modules that specifically cater to the needs of your members. You can collaborate with them in creating or offering their courses to your members, having them connect with them regularly through a virtual or physical environment, and addressing any issues that may arise throughout the process.
The problem of co-working spaces prior to the pandemic is that it is location-specific in that it can only reach the demographic that is immediately within their vicinity. While this benefitted remote teams that sought to get the office experience without establishing a branch of their company in the location, the pandemic has essentially made this space unnecessary.

However, because distance learning is a universal business need, offering this service and course can help you infiltrate a wider market and get the attention of worldwide companies. As a business, this can benefit your reputation and your sales as it increases who might want to get a membership instead of limiting it to your geography.
Co-working spaces are conducive to learning primarily of their physical design. However, in a reality where people are expected to stay at home or practice safety measures when outside, you will need to adapt your business in such a way that it enables you to maintain your footing within the market and give value to your members. Distance learning is one such strategy that can help you achieve both, and we offer a course that you can distribute to your members.

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