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Impactful education for your members.
Non-dues revenues for your association.

A turnkey solution, with no cost to you!

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Bring the Bank Executive Academy to your members in a turnkey professional development solution, with your associations branding for a turnkey program!

New engaging and effective learning.

Provide your members with a program based on an Executive MBA curriculum, offering the valuable management, leadership, & finance training they need.

New non-dues revenue, at no cost to you.

Launch a new program at no-cost or time commitment needed from your staff. For every member that signs up, you will receive $150 back into your bottom line.

Live conversations with experts & peers.

Led by subject matter experts, there are bi-weekly live sessions as a chance for social learning and networking with your peers and fellow members.

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Click below to view a few of the updates of the 2024 Bank Executive Academy

Spring 2024 Program Dates!

The Bank Executive Academy features weekly live facilitated sessions to network & learn in real-time with your cohort and the guest experts and speakers.
All live sessions will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 1:00 - 2:30 PM CST.








September 11




November 13

All live sessions are recorded for future viewing and review!

Don't just take our word for it...

Read it first hand, directly from our lovely learners!
“GoalMakers' was a great program!

It was very well thought out and covered many important topics regarding management and banking.”
“Jeremy was a great facilitator. He kept the group very engaged and encouraged enriching conversations. He did a very good job keeping us on track and getting everything we needed to cover done in the allotted time.”
“Who doesn't love Micah? He is always positive and has a lot of knowledge to share!”
“Micah provided a lot of very relevant experiences and well throughout points. You can tell he is very knowledgeable about the banking industry and was able to tie that in with what we were learning at the time.”

Since I have such a busy schedule, I loved the flexibility of the program.”
“I like this format as it provides flexibility and allows you to go back and review or reference material as needed.”
“I really, really liked the self-paced modules. I was able to watch videos and read the lessons at my pace and go back when I felt like I needed to review.”

Meet the Creators & Facilitators

These will be your guides through both the self-paced and live learning sessions.

Micah Bartlett

Banking Industry Expert

A 31-year career in banking began as a teller at a community bank and lead to him founding, leading, and then selling Town & Country Financial Corporation and Town & Country Bank. Micah's main passions are people and finance; he found a balance of the two in the community banking industry. He holds a Bachelor's in Accounting, a Graduate's degree in Banking, and additionally an MBA.

Jeremy Wall

Lead Facilitator

The CEO of GoalMakers and Bank Executive Academy lead facilitator has worked with hundreds of business owners and operators helping them more than understand the material, but implement to success within their business. Jeremy has founded, grown, and exited businesses and cannot wait to meet you and your agencies during this program.

John Cioffi

Organizational Management

Accomplished business coach, author, and speaker John Cioffi is the Chief Content Officer at GoalMakers. Cioffi has spent the last 30-years, coaching hundreds of clients to success and has made it his life mission to help helps businesses of all types and sizes understand the people management and organizational leadership needed to be successful.

It's like a mini-MBA, for bank executives.
(both current & future)

Organizational Leadership

Gain the skills to position your bank for success, for the long-term. Create the vision, goals, and action steps that your staff needs to move forward, together.

People Management

Many managers have never received formal management training. Arm your members with the knowledge and tools to be a master people manager.

Demystify the Financials

Every business leader should be able to understand the financials. Learn how to master your financials for sustained success in growing the bottom line.

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New credentials for your members.
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