Frequently Asked Questions

GoalMakers Master Manager FAQ

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Some of the most frequently asked questions about our eight-week Master Manager program!

How many sections are in the program and what does each section of material cover?

The GoalMakers Master Manager program, which encompasses all the learning content and materials in eight-week enrollment, contains six core business management training sections:

(Week 1) - Section 1: Set Goals All The Time
(Week 2) - Section 2: Focus On The Process, Not a Plan
(Week 3) - Section 3: Coach The Right People
(Week 4) - Section 4: Serve The Right Customer
(Week 5) - Section 5: Empower Your Entire Team
(Week 6) - Section 6: Do The Right Things Right

After the core six management sections, your employees will enter the finance and accounting sections of the program.

(Week 7) - Section 7: Financial Fundamentals & Case Study
(Week 8) - Section 8: Accounting Mastery

Finally, we have a series of bonus business sections that we have concentrated from our live seminar, book and 35 year consulting business.

Section 9: Business Planning
Sections 10-12: Bonus Business (Board of Directors, Hiring & Interviews)

The Master Manager program is based on a traditional MBA curriculum. The first half of the material is focused on fundamentals of management: creating a vision and proper goals, agile business planning, identifying the right customer and defining your strategies to serve them, honing your sales process and streamlining your operations, coaching and hiring the right team, empowering your team through better management, and it all comes together with creating a system of management for your organization to monitor and measure your progress.

After the core management sections, you will enter the finance and accounting sections of the program.
We start with Financial Fundamentals use a case study to apply real world context to the material to make it more relatable, we focus on not just reading but truly understanding the financial documents, income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

Then we move on to focus on how to use this information to improve your organizations operations and grow your profits by understanding the how to calculate your financial ratios and set realistic goals for those ratios: such as efficiency and liquidity ratios, gross and net margin, accounts receivable, inventory turnover, and general productivity ratios.

And finally, we end with a few bonus sections to help with business planning and the interview guidance.

If I am interested there a way to see the Master Manager material before buying the program to get a feel for the type of content and teaching style to relate to the instructor?

GoalMakers has created a preview course, click the button below to sign up for the Preview.

This will give you a chance to watch the videos, explore the learning content and try out the exercises taught before making the decision.

Who should enroll in the GoalMakers Master Manager Program?

We like to say that the Master Manager program is built for everyone in your organization, from the sweeper to the CEO! The program serves both as a powerful education experience, but beyond that is an alignment tool for your organization—to get everyone speaking the same language and moving together toward a shared goal. Middle managers, senior executives, department heads, VP's, entry-level employees on teams and everything in between have a valuable learning opportunity in Master Manager.

How is the Master Manager Program administered?

The GoalMakers Master Manager Program is offered to organizations of all sizes and their employees through a customized learning management platform, in a cohort-based enrollment experience with other association member organizations. The program is structured in an eight-week content curriculum, with one week of content at a time. 

All of the program contents will be accessible within your custom learning platform, which you and your employees will have a unique login and unrestricted access into 24/7. All of the program can be viewed on any web browser on a computer or mobile phone with internet access, and the learning each week is fully self-paced.

The program contents and materials are administered by your instructor (GoalMakers chief content officer) John Cioffi, and will be released to your employees in a ‘dripped out’ format in sequential order of the program flow. Every two weeks within the program, there will be a live video facilitation with the entire learning cohort to review the material with GoalMakers facilitation team and an industry coach.

Is Master Manager given to everyone in the company at once or individually?

GoalMakers can custom-tailor how your association (or organization) wants to roll out your Master Manager program to your member companies. We have designed our program for the upper-level company management individuals as the first cohort at your organization to go through the program.

Our clients have seen the most success by having their upper-level managers go through the program with the team members they directly manage to create complete alignment among teams, followed by putting another cohort of department-level managers and employees in the quarters to follow. 

Our cohort-based enrollment creates a thriving learning environment and community for every industry-specific association and it's members to have a custom learning experience. Our live facilitation sessions, combined with the self-paced learning, bring a hybrid experience for each learner to collaborate and share valuable insights, while growing into a Master Manager together! 

How many employees per company should attend?

Each and every organization is unique, but we strongly suggest sending multiple employees from your organization—this will create that organizational alignment. The more employees per department or team, the more effective you will be in implementing these skills across the organization to create systemic change and improvements. Everyone will be on the same page about the new learning and training to implement, creating the most time and cost efficient roll-out for long-term growth.

What are the time commitment expectations for the employees going through the program? 

We recommend for your company to determine the best timeline and time management allocations for your workforce to go through the program. From our experience, we estimate that an employee of your company can allocate 2-3 hours per week towards this program to complete all contents in their entirety of the eight-week window of time.

If an employee decides to go through the entire program straight through, we estimate a 20-25 hour window of time for total completion. For most effective and optimal learning results, we recommend spreading out the learning in intervals, such as allocating time per week to do so (ex: 2 hours per week for up to 9 weeks).

It’s entirely up to your organization how you allocate your workforce of employees time to go through your custom business school. Your management will decide if you’d like your employees to go through this individually, in pairs or small groups, as we’ve seen effective learning in all options.

What are the types of content and learning/training material within the program?

Interactive Exercises - Response forms with short-answer and long-form questions for your employees to fill out and submit associated with the learning sections for GoalMakers team to catalog and send your executives in monthly reports.

Downloadable Resources - Attached PDF materials, custom-tailored to your company for print-out and application into daily operations.

Audio Stories - Real-life examples and client experiences of successes and learning lessons, shared to illustrate core concepts within each of the sections throughout the program. 

Live Seminar Videos - HD interactive videos recorded at a live 5-Day MBA seminar, instructed by our chief content officer and founder John Cioffi, guiding you through each lesson and learning section.

E-Book Learning Content - Written content directly from the core strategies and principles from the Winning Manager’s Playbook and GoalMakers Consulting training IP, delivered in the form of e-book learning modules and sections.

Learner Handbook - Take the program with you, using our 100+ page Master Manager Learner Handbook to guide your knowledge and understanding of each section. Fill in answers, take notes and have all the core materials of your learner journey in one place throughout the program. 

Quizzes, Exams & Learning Checkpoints - Test your understanding, knowledge and retention of the learning concepts and core principles within each of the sections to advance further in the program with success.

Custom Badges & Certifications - Upon passing all knowledge checks and end of section exams, you will receive a certificate after completion with your branding to proudly share and display on your resume, website and LinkedIn.

How does the program get delivered (dripped out) to the learner and how long does it take to go through the full program?

The Master Manager program contents are delivered with the first two sections becoming available at your cohorts kick-off date, followed by the next two sections at each of the live facilitation dates every two weeks in the program. Every learning section can be available all at once, or dripped out in sequential order every week, month or some other time frame at the special request of the channel partner organization.

How is the Master Manager program communicated? Zoom? Do we record it? Is it on a website or learning platform?

All of the GoalMakers Master Manager learning contents and materials are communicated via written learning modules, audio case studies and client stories, and live seminar HD videos. Everything is available at your entire workforce’s access directly in your organization's learning platform where you enroll.

All videos are pre-recorded at a live 5-Day MBA seminar and custom-tailored to your Master Manager learning. The interactive exercises, downloadable resources, exams, audio and video are all in the same place within the sections of the GoalMakers learning platform.

What type of company is the Master Manager program ideally for? What are the ideal size levels for a company going through this program?

Our experience and success as consultants, coaches and online learning program facilitators validates that the Master Manager program can help any business size, industry or type with their fundamental principles and growth prospects. 

The Master Manager learning content will be a great match for companies who have at least 10 employees and have existed for at least one year. Any companies over that size and length of time will have met all the key milestones and have the enterprise challenges, pains and problems that Master Manager provides applicable enterprise tools and solutions for.

For any companies with less than 10 employees and within their first year of existence, the standalone Master Manager program will be a much better fit to purchase and gain value from as a single program, with a custom business school being a better solution down the line of growth and development.

We have new Master Manager cohort enrollments starting every quarter and it's a perfect place for sole proprietors, newly formed organizations and entrepreneurs to begin their business journey's as Master Managers. 

How does this program get made specific or fitting to a channel partner association and in what ways does it get ‘customized’?

During the first 30 days of your association's Master Manager program preparation and delivery, GoalMakers team will work with your organization leadership to ensure all the proper materials, branding, style and learner experience are effectively tailored for your membership. 

Your executive team will have the opportunity to customize components within the different learning concepts, principles and strategies for your membership to absorb, directly related to your industry needs, opportunities and pursuits. The Master Manager program becomes a turnkey education member benefit for your organization, with no cost of delivery. 

To learn more visit our Partners page to see what we mean!

What are the core benefits and expected ‘ROI’s’ for companies buying the Master Manager program that make it well worth the investment and cost?

GoalMakers hope and expectation of your organization enrolling employees in the Master Manager program is seeing improved organizational alignment for your entire workforce, better internal and external communications among managers and employees.

We want you to set more challenging yet reasonable goals that your teams can achieve and surpass, have a stronger and clearer direction in the vision of your company.

We want you to implement the tools necessary to empower your employees and teams for maximum output and success, while enjoying what they do, all of which will contribute to financial growth and health of your company.

Overall, this is a tricky question, and while we cannot give a precise answer as the benefits vary from each individual business. However, two examples from participating companies will showcase potential outcomes.

First, a distillery whose team sent their team in the GoalMakers program—while they all came out the other side ‘better managers’ one specific takeaway for their company was to improve the accounts receivable—they were able to set a goal of bring AR days down from 55 days and had the business constantly putting more cash into the business, they sat a goal to bring these down to 35 days. Which allowed them to put thousands of dollars every week back into their cash flow without changing anything other than simply aligning around an AR Goal.

Another business which is a wholesale distributor was able to focus their sales team after they all came to agreement on their generic strategy (part of the chapter Serve the Right Customer) and determined they were a premium provider aka a product innovator. With that they cut a low-cost inventory from their lines and were able, through that single decision bring their margin from 35% up to 40% gross margin.

Every team is different, but this course provides the knowledge, tools, and confidence for every learner to come out the better side a more informed and empowered employee and with that will create their own unique impact on the business.

What industries and types of companies does this program work best for and can you tell us some of the most successful and what made it work so well for them?

GoalMakers has worked with all different types of industries, companies and market sectors and seen great success with implementing the Master Manager learning principles and strategies at scale. We have worked with industries successfully such as materials, distributors, insurance, equipment, automation, paper, plastics, flooring, handling, energy, technology, software, retail, matting, and more.

On the client testimonials section of, you can see the wide range of areas of business and markets GoalMakers has experience in.

What makes the Goalmakers program/product different and unique to all the other management courses, training and consultants out there that we should buy your program?

GoalMakers Master Manager learning program and your company’s custom business school will be different from any other programs you can find online for the price and quality.

First, it’s customized to your organization. Our on-boarding process will give your executives a branded, white-labeled product to deploy at your organization that will communicate your company’s message, and resonate directly with your workforce. Learning customization we provide can be found nowhere else for the price.

Two, the duration of time of completing the program. With a three month (20 hours) time allocation, we’ve concentrated every key piece of a traditional MBA, in 1/8th of the two year time frame. We know your workforce time is incredibly valuable and costly, which is why we were compelled to condense down everything you need to know in 90 days, ready to implement into daily work and start seeing results.

Three, the affordability and lowest cost. Your custom business school will not look or feel anything like a general business course that you can find as a digital purchase or a streamed standalone video on the internet. It’s a custom product that your company will implement and offer as the centralized hub for alignment, training and growth at your company, and it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop this learning and training customized for your organization from scratch. We will beat any custom learning company on price and not compromise on quality in doing so.

Fourth and finally, our customer-intimate implementation and support. For 35 years, our consulting business has had a clear view of the clients we work with: our clients success is our success. Getting our clients to the successful place, both in management and financial growth, we know they can be is our priority. The GoalMakers team will ensure your organization is customizing and implementing a smooth, value-first custom business school and work with your executive team to stop at nothing short of the best.

That’s what we’ve proven for 35 years and will be for your company in GoalMakers Master Manager.

Does this program get accessed through a computer, mobile device or some other way?

Your company’s custom business school has been built with accessibility and compatibility in any internet website browser, mobile device or tablet.

For optimal use, we recommend the larger screen of a computer to give you a full-screen view of all the learning materials, interactive exercises and videos for maximum accessibility and ease-of-use.

What prior experience, knowledge or credentials do you need to begin the Goalmakers program?

There is no requirement of an accredited degree, level of credential or knowledge achievement that your employees will need to gain great value from your custom business school.

The GoalMakers Master Manager program was designed for businesses of all types and sizes to empower employees towards the change and improvement they want to see at their organization. We encourage all walks of life and the business world to come together in our platform, as it’s management application is universal.

What regions of the world are GoalMakers Master Manager currently offered in?

GoalMakers has no restrictions on any parts of the world to roll-out a GoalMakers Master Manager program, and can accommodate all regions, time zones and countries that are interested in building their own business schools. Our material is all in English so if other languages are interested, that would be a separate requirement and discussion with GoalMakers.

Is there any support from GoalMakers for our organization once we enter the program?

The GoalMakers team will be there for email or chat support if you have any questions regarding your learning platform, it’s contents or any technological issues that may arise in your employees time in the learning platform.

In the event of an issue, GoalMakers will work directly with our technology partners to have it resolved in as timely a manner as possible.

GoalMakers will also provide a monthly employee usage report and check in call with your team to ensure you are having the maximum company experience possible in your custom business school.

Who created this program?

The program was created by GoalMakers, The Master Manager program is the culmination of 30 years as a business coaching firm working hands on with clients to improve their business and operations. Our Chief Curriculum Officer is John Cioffi one of the original Founders of GoalMakers. He is the instructor throughout the Master Manager program John is the author of The Winning Managers Playbook, and the creator of the 5-Day MBA live seminar which is featured in some of our media.

John has a master’s from Dartmouth his MBA from The Wharton School, was previously CEO of several companies and ran GoalMakers Consulting for 35+ years with hundreds of successful clients. The GoalMakers team has brought all this material together and digitized it to increase the learning impact and create a more accessible and affordable program for you to take part in!

Who is the instructor that created and delivers the Goalmakers learning and content to our company?

John Cioffi is the Founder and Chief Content Officer of GoalMakers. He is the instructor throughout the entire Master Manager program and creator of all learning contents, materials and exercises associated with the program.

He is the author of The Winning Managers Playbook, which the learning content is based on, and the creator of the 5-Day MBA live seminar which the video content is created from.

John is an MBA graduate of The Wharton School, previous CEO of several companies and ran GoalMakers Consulting for 35+ years with hundreds of successful clients.

What are the live sessions?

The live sessions happen six times via zoom throughout the program, every two weeks in between self-paced learning sections. We bring the entire cohort on the live facilitation to discuss their takeaways and allow for an opportunity for social learning through your peer group. Beyond that, we have guest experts and thought leaders who you can ask real-time questions to for advice.

This will give you a chance to have coaching for industry experts. If you miss one of these sessions, don’t worry they are all recorded and uploaded to the platform to be viewed later. 

How long do I have access to the material after the 8-weeks?

Once the 8-week program concludes you’ll have access to the material for an entire year! The eLearning, videos, and resources are accessible any time through your Master Manager portal.

Does Goalmakers have an official accreditation for the Master Manager program?

GoalMakers is not accredited and does not count for continued education credits. Part of the reason for this is that it allows our curriculum and content to be much more agile and respond to the constant changes in the business environment (without waiting on the slow-moving accreditation process).

We pride ourselves on being a lower-cost, shorter-duration alternative to a traditionally accredited MBA program, without any compromise to the core principles and strategies your organization needs to achieve maximum return on investment.

We have been asked ‘what if employees are not involved in hiring, managing, or the financials, should they still take the course?

While it’s entirely up to your executive team how you’d like to train your team, we believe that this fundamental information will help everyone better understand all the parts of a well operating company. The financial sections provide a framework for all financial fundamental principles your organization that all employees can benefit from. At the end of the day if employees don’t know what levers to pull to create an impact, then they won’t be able to provide input on how to make the company more profitable.

Can you tell us about some of the successful clients or case studies of companies who have gone through the program and what they have to say about it?

GoalMakers has worked with hundreds of clients and individuals through our 35 years as a consulting business and delivering our live seminar, the 5-Day MBA.

If you click the button below you'll be redirected to our Testimonials page where you will see video and written testimonials of people who have experienced and been a part of the GoalMakers program and hear directly from their experience.

How do I get in touch with a team member at GoalMakers to get more information?

The best way to get in touch with a GoalMakers team member to receive further information about whether a custom business school will be a good opportunity for your company is by sending an email to

You can also book a zoom meeting to speak with our team directly by clicking the button below! From there, we can assess your needs and determine if this program will be a good fit for you and your team based on your goals.