Bring the IA-MBA 
to Your Members!

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GoalMakers is helping independent insurance agents associations nationwide launch, market, & monetize a white-labeled version of the 10-week fully virtual IA-MBA program for their member agencies.

   White labeled with your associations branding.

  A social learning experience for your members.

  All at no cost or time commitment of your staff!

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Impactful education for your members.
Non-dues revenues for your association.
A turnkey solution, with no cost or time to you!

Paid to your association for every member
Your members save $200 by registering through you
to IIANC for live Facilitation & Customization
Bring this to your members today!

White-label the IA MBA registration with your branding for a turnkey professional development solution today!

New engaging and effective learning.

You have great members, but are they great business people? Provide them with valuable people management & business finance training they need.

New non-dues revenue, at no cost to you.

Launch a new program at no-cost or time commitment needed from your staff. For every member that signs up, you will receive $100.

Live conversations with experts & peers.

Led by subject matter experts, there are bi-weekly live sessions as a chance for social learning and networking with your peers and fellow members.

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Check out the recording to learn more!

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Meet the Creators & Facilitators

Created specifically to teach the fundamental skills every agency owner, operator, and manager needs for sustaining success and growth. From people management to agency finance, and all in between.

Carey Wallace


Over the past 14 years, Carey Wallace has worked with hundreds of independent insurance agencies helping them understand their agency’s value and turn that knowledge into an actionable plan for their future. Carey is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, CEPA and provides a variety of business consulting services through the company she founded, Agency Focus, LLC.

John Cioffi


John is the Chief Content Officer at GoalMakers, has spent the last 30-years, coaching hundreds of clients to success. He helps businesses of all types and sizes understand the people management and organizational leadership needed to be successful.

Jeremy Wall

Lead Facilitator

Jeremy is GoalMakers lead facilitator, and has worked with hundreds of learners helping them not just learn but implement during our live sessions. Jeremy has founded, grown, and exited businesses before and can connect with agents as they try to do the same!

Hear from IIANC's team on their experience bringing this to their members. 

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Aubie Knight

"We are offering a very valuable program that will serve our members very well in the future.... It's giving us the opportunity to work at a deeper level with our members that is really important."
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Rebecca Shigley

"We have hit on a winning model, to work with someone as a partner who has the expertise, but yet brand it so it's customized to our members and brought to you by IIANC."
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Jason Sabo
Business Consultant at IIANC

"What we have seen in our agencies is enormous! The material & the coursework in here is applicable to agencies of all shapes and sizes, anybody who is in a leadership role or could go into a leadership role."

Hear what our successful agency owners have to say about this program.

This program is effective | This program is affordable | This program is easy to follow | This program is a great experience | This program is a 'no-brainer' 

Michelle O'Connor
O'Connor Insurance
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Chase Keller
Granite Insurance
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Don Stroud 
Hartsfield & Nash
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Landon Bentham
Callahan & Rice
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New certification for your association,
New credentials for your members.
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  • Upon completion your members will receive a custom-branded certificate, that they can proudly display in their office, on their resume, and on LinkedIn.

It's like a mini-MBA, for insurance agencies

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Improve your agency's team management. 
Grow the agency's bottom line.

Agency Team Leadership

Many agency owners & employees never receive formal training. Arm your agency with the knowledge and tools to be a master  people manager.

Demystify the Financials

Every agency team member (especially owners) should understand the financials. Learn how every decision affects the agency bottom line.
Let's connect and chat through if this is a fit for your state's members.

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